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Goucher Energy Action Revolution

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Our generation has the power to change our country. We demand our elected leaders follow our lead as we move our communities towards just climate solutions. We will not stand for extreme fossil fuel companies poisoning our communities and the planet. The American Petroleum Institute (API) is interfering with our democracy in Annapolis. Their power and money has drowned out the voices of Marylanders concerned about the dangerous impacts of fracking. We are taking back our democracy in order to protect Maryland from the dangerous impacts of fracking. We need true clean energy solutions that will create millions of good jobs and benefit our communities.

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When I go to the polls on November 6th, I pledge to make clean and just energy solutions a top priority.

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With Our Climate On the Line, Maryland Youth are Getting Out The Vote

Posted on November 6

by Jackson Wilke

Posted in PowerVote at UMD!Goucher Energy Action RevolutionPowerVote at UMBC SEAPowerVote at Johns Hopkins

Today, on November 6th, I voted in my first presidential election. In Maryland, a politically active state bordering our nations capital, many young people spend years waiting for the first time they can vote; I remember having dreams the night before election day that I was old enough to vote in that years election. But for me, this is much bigger than my first election. Because this year, the future of my climate is at stake.

Maryland is a diverse state; travel the 199 miles from east to west and you will cross from appalachian farmlands to the dense urban landscapes of Washington DC and Baltimore, from quiet suburbs to noisy beach towns. But one thing you can find anywhere is a fossil-fuel power plant. Across the state, there are 29 power plants-12 of which are concentrated in the Baltimore region alone. All of these power plants lead to thick, polluted air. As a child, it seemed like every Summer day was classified as “Code Red Ozone Alert” – which meant my friends with asthma couldn’t come out. Maryland has a nearly 1-in-5 childhood asthma rate statewide – that ratio grows to nearly 1-in-3 when you get to Baltimore city, one of the worst rates in the entire country.

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