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I am a Clean Energy Champion for MSU/LCC. I pledge to vote for Michigan’s clean energy future on November 6. My actions will help to create thousands of good jobs for Michigan, as well as keep our state a safe, healthy, and beautiful place to live for generations to come. Our generation has the power to change our country by supporting renewable energy solutions on our campuses and in our state.

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Senator Warner: Stand with Virginians, Not Big Oil!

Posted on March 19

by Emily Heffling

Posted in Michigan State University Power Vote Virginia Commonwealth University

When Virginia Senator Mark Warner decided to flip his stance on the tar sands pipeline, Virginians were ready to march to his door and let him know that if he claims to be a leader on climate change, he cannot support the Keystone pipeline!

Yesterday, over 20 climate activists, including students and constituents from across the state, stormed Warner’s Richmond office to voice their outrage over his recent support for the KXL. After marching through downtown Richmond, we rallied outside Warner’s building and flooded his office with our bodies and our voices. Activists from CCAN and 350.org spoke with one of his top legislative aids for almost half an hour about the catastrophic consequences we will face if Warner continues to support the pipeline. We handed over a letter expressing our need for a leader who will fight with us for a clean energy future and demanded that the aid deliver our message immediately to the Senator. Our request? Vote no on any legislative efforts to support the Keystone XL pipeline, and respond to our concerns within one week.

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Categories: Moving Beyond Dirty Energy

Tags: Keystone XL



Students tell State Senators and Delegates: “Fix the RPS: Wind & Solar now!”

Posted on January 11

by Emily Heffling

Posted in Michigan State University Power Vote Virginia Commonwealth University

Every year, the Virginia General Assembly convenes in January to debate and vote on a multitude of issues, ranging from transportation to social issues. But this year, students came together to make sure that their issue was put first and their message clear: We want real steps toward wind and solar, and we want it now.

On Thursday, January 10th, over a dozen students took a trip to the General Assembly in Richmond to sit in on the first meeting of the Commerce & Labor committee. They bore large, bright green stickers asking their representatives to “Fix the RPS: Wind & Solar!”

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Categories: Moving Beyond Dirty EnergyBuilding Political PowerBuilding the Clean Energy Economy



Power Vote Day of Action in Michigan

Posted on September 26

by Liz Starke, Ypsilanti, MI

Posted in Michigan Student Sustainability CoalitionMichigan State University Power Vote Central Michigan University PowervoteWestern Michigan University Power VoteOakland CC PowervoteUniversity of Michigan Clean Energy ChampionsGrand Valley State Clean Energy ChampionsLake Superior State Clean Energy ChampionsAquinas College Clean Energy ChampionsNorthern Michigan University Clean Energy Champions

This fall, students in Michigan have been participating in the Power Vote campaign and collecting “Clean Energy Champion” student pledges to vote for Clean Energy. Here is an update for our activities during the Power Vote Day of Action. Students collected pledges on the campuses of Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, and handed out facts about corporate polluters to students passing by. This day also coincided with the release of NWF’s Student Guide to How Corporate Oil, Gas, and Coal Money Influences US Energy Policy, which is where we got our facts from. Overall this was a great day of solidarity and action in Michigan and across the nation. Read below to learn more about how we did!

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