Power Vote Kicks Off Nationwide Effort To Mobilize One Million Young “Climate Voters”

Power Vote Kicks Off Nationwide Effort To Mobilize One Million Young “Climate Voters”

September 10, 2008 | By Brianna Cayo Cotter

Power Vote Kicks Off Nationwide Effort To Mobilize One Million Young “Climate Voters”
Nonpartisan Campaign Aims to Put Clean Energy, Green Jobs on the Agenda in 2008 Election

WASHINGTON, DC- World-renowned climate scientist James Hansen will join youth leaders from across the country for a tele-press conference to formally launch Power Vote, a generational call to action on the climate this election season.

Spearheaded by the Energy Action Coalition, “Power Vote” is a national non-partisan initiative to elevate the issue of the climate crisis this election season. Power Vote aims to unite one million young “climate voters” behind a platform centered on combating global warming pollution, creating millions of new green jobs, and ensuring our nation’s energy independence by transitioning to a dynamic new clean energy economy. For more information about the platform go to www.powervote.org/platform.

“Young people recognize that the 2008 election is critical for the planet.. They are the ones standing up and demanding that Washington act swiftly before climate change spirals out of humanity’s control,” asserts James Hansen, a leading scientist on climate change. “Power Vote represents hope for our future at a time when our climate is at an ominous tipping point.”- suggested quote

The November election looms large for college students returning to school this month. As they head to the polls in record numbers, many for the first time, it is the global climate crisis, the country’s increasing economic insecurity, and a war with no end in sight that rank as their highest voting priorities.

By the November election, the Energy Action Coalition and its more than forty partner organizations will mobilize young ‘climate voters’ to take the Power Vote Pledge to “vote for clean and just energy” when they go to the polls. The campaign kicks off with organizers working on over 300 college campuses in at least 37 states and 123 congressional districts.

“Students nationwide are rising to the challenge of climate change and transforming our campuses into models of sustainability,” says Reagan Richmond, a senior at University of Tennessee- Knoxville. “It’s past time policymakers followed our example! With Power Vote, we’re putting Washington on notice that we’ll be holding them accountable for addressing this crisis at the ballot box and beyond.”

The next eight weeks will see an intensive grassroots effort as organizers engage in millions of face to face conversations with young people across the country – storming campuses, addressing thousands of classes, meetings students at bars and concerts – and showing up at candidates events making the youth position on climate clear. Power Voters will mobilize young people for the Green Jobs Now National Day of Action on September 27th, make their presence felt at the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, and work around the clock getting out the vote in the days leading up to the election.

“Young people are successfully fighting for a clean energy future on their campuses and in their communities,” says Jessy Tolkan, Co-Director for the Energy Action Coalition. “As we head to the polls in record numbers this November young people want an economy that moves us beyond dangerous, dirty energy, creates green jobs for all, and secures our climate—that’s what we’ll be voting for.”

“Youth in our community need the opportunity to better their futures through the development of Green Jobs and Green Careers,” notes Desire Grover, a community organizer in Chester, PA. “A new clean energy economy has the potential to lift people out of poverty and into the middle class. We’re reaching out to young workers in our community to take the Power Vote Pledge and tell Washington that we want green jobs now!”

For more information, contact Brianna Cayo Cotter at 415.305.1943 and visit PowerVote.org.

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The Energy Action Coalition unites 48 organizations, over 600 local groups, and tens of thousands of young people in 56 states and provinces in an alliance that supports and strengthens the clean energy movement among students and young people in the United States and Canada. The partners of Energy Action work together to build a clean, efficient, just and renewable energy future.

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